ATM 243 - Oil Mist, Heatable

The heatable Aerosol Generator ATM 243 is a special development for testing oil mist separators. Its innovative design is protected by a utility model and the generated aerosols comply with the requirements regarding particle size (1..2µm) and concentrations for testing oil mist separators.

The design of this generator ensures a very constant particle size distribution and concentration while at the same time providing a high degree of reproducibility. The device features the possibility to adjust the temperature of the generated aerosols and can be used on a variety of oils. Depending on the type of oil and the pressure of the carrier gas various mass flow rates can be adjusted for a set working temperature.

  • Very stable particle size distributions and concentrations
  • Generates polydisperse test aerosol with a mean particle size of 1 .. 2 µm
  • Very high aerosol particle concentration and particle mass flow
  • Adjustable and regulated aerosol temperature
  • Selectively enabling of 1 to 3 nozzles
  • Mass output adjustable via nozzle pressure and nozzle quantity
  • Particle size distribution changeable via nozzle pressure and aerosol temperature
  • Pressure-restistant up to 0.3 bar
  • Testing of oil mist separators, for instance with the Topas Oil Mist Separator Test Rig SPT 140
  • Capacity tests of filters
  • Research & Development

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