Electrical Probe Station

Mini Electrical Probe Stations


Typical mini electrical probe stations care categorized into two segments – room temperature and low temperature probe stations. Low temperature probe stations can have a temperature range down up to Liquid Helium. Most common probe stations use either a thermoelectric stage or a gas cooled stage to reach sub zero temperatures. Mini electric probe stations are lightweight, easy to handle and use a minimum volume of gas for low temperature measurements. The size of probe tips, type of probe – DC or RF and sample size decide the configuration of the probe stations.Other parameters like X-Y movement, Probe tip travel range are equally important and should be looked into while deciding the models.

  • Flagship mini electrical probe stage
  • -190°C - 400°C with liquid nitrogen cooling option
  • 28 mm × 28 mm sample area
  • Sealed chamber with vacuum capability
  • 4 independent electrical probes with manual positioning
Sample Area 28 mm × 28 mm
Chamber Height 6.3 mm
Sample AccessQuick-access cover with spring-loaded Atmosphere
AtmosphereControlVacuum capability to control humidity, condensation, and oxidation
Frame CoolingIntegrated frame cooling with optional recirculating water chiller system
MountingHorizontal and vertical mounting capability
Frame Dimensions180 mm × 130 mm × 27 mm
Weight1350 g light-weight aluminum body
Electrical ProbesDC electrical probe options in tungstenrhenium, beryllium-copper, or other materials
Probe PositioningManual cantilever probes independently positionable to any point of the sample area (20 mm XY travel) before sealing chamber
ConnectorsCoaxial, floating, or triaxial BNC connectors
Sample SurfaceGrounded, floating, or triaxial options
Non-magnetic ConstructionOptional construction with non-magnetic materials for magnetically sensitive samples
Optical AccessOptical access to sample via reflection
Optical Windows Removable and exchangeable windows permit full-spectrum transparency
Minimum Objective Working Distance8.5 mm
Top Aperture 38 mm diameter
Top Viewing Angle ±60.69° from normal
Window DefrostIntegrated external window defrost
Temperature ControlmK2000 with programmable precision LVDC PID method to minimize electrical noise
Thermal Block Silver for superior thermal uniformity
Temperature Minimum -190°C (with optional liquid N2 cooling)
Temperature Maximum 400°C
Temperature Sensor100 Ω Platinum RTD
Maximum Heating Rate+80°C per minute at 100°C
Maximum Cooling Rate-50°C per minute at 100°C
Minimum Heating and Cooling Rate ±0.1°C per hour
Temperature Resolution 0.01°C
Temperature Stability ±0.05°C at 100°C
Power Supply115 V or 230 V depending on region
SoftwareWindows software to record and export temperature-time data

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