Toxic Gas Abatement

Semiconductor fabrication process involves variety of gases. Some are inert while other are hazardous, toxic and inflammable. For environmental safety and human safety, it is necessary that these gases are treated to reduce their exhaust levels below permissible limits. This is achieved by toxic gas abatement systems or it is also called as gas scrubbers. Toxic gas abatement systems use variety of techniques like burn box (high temperature burning) or wet scrubbing (allowing gases to dissolve in water) or dry columns that contain unique granules. These toxic gas abatement systems in dry columns work on chemisorption principle to convert toxic gases into stable chemisorption granules that can be treated separately to make them safe for environment. Toxic gas abatement systems may use combination of these dry and wet techniques depending on the process and types of gases used. Toxic gas abatement systems are also useful to prevent accidental leakage of toxic gases due to catastrophic failure of gas lines/valves/joints or cylinders.

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