DC/RF Probe Station

CM460 Semi-Automatic Probe Station

Semiconductor chip making and Nanotechnology tools always rely on characterization tools. Probing systems are basic requirements for testing chips. DC sources and RF sources are used for testing chips. DC/RF Probe stations or thermal stages use variety of options like vacuum, inert gas atmosphere, low temperature measurements to characterize the chips. DC/RF Probe stations are configured based on individual requirements. Production fabs rely on automatic and semiautomatic probe stations for failure analysis, leakage testing and capacitive measurements. Chip size, pad dimensions define the fine movement of probe arms and tip size of probes. XY manipulators are used in DC/RF probe stations for precise movement to match the chip size. Chucks with thermal cooling and heating also are used in DC/RF probe stations for measurement at different temperatures. High frequency RF probe station up to 40GHz employ special shielded wires and connectors to minimize signal losses. Microscopes or CCD image cameras are used for viewing the chips and also programming the step size in automatic probe stations.

The CM460 is a 6" Semi-Automatic Probe Station, rich in features and capability, that offer a human engineered interface to make operation easy and intuitive. CM460 Systems can be configured for a variety of applications including microwave probing, low current (femtoamp) probing, thermal probing, design/debug, failure analysis, product engineering and many other probing applications.

Systems incorporate a proprietary linear induction motor and an optical feedback positioning system to drive and control the wafer stage. This marriage of sophisticated technologies has given Signatone a leading edge in performance, reliability and accuracy. All systems include automated wafer stepping controlled via the Signatone Solutions Windows software and motorized theta with a quick two-point align feature. Options include programmable motorized microscope movement, auto focus, computer aided probes, on screen video, a unique joystick/thumbwheel control unit, and many other powerful features.

DC/RF Probe Station

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