VCT 121 - Vacuum Cleaner Filters EN 60312

Since year 2000 Topas in connection with SLG Hartmannsdorf has been developing and installing VCT121 Filter Test Rigs for Testing Vacuum Cleaners in accordance with EN 60312 issues. There emission rate is measured with optical particle counter while vacuum cleaner is fed with 550mg/m³ mass concentration at device specific flowrate. Both the basic input/output system with test rig control and data acquisition software and particle instruments are provided by Topas.

  • Manual test rig control and operation
  • Automated emission test, data evaluation according to EN60312 (2000 | 2003), IEC 60312
  • Customized testing procedure on request
  • Particle counter supported :
    • Abakus, Klotz
    • APS3320/1, TSI
    • LAP322, Topas
    • HR5230, Hiac Royco

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