Minilock ALD


Image Image The Minilock ALD system has been designed to provide researchers with the capability to grow Atomic Layer Deposition films through both thermal, and plasma-enhanced modes for substrate sizes up to 300mm. The small footprint and robust design make it ideal for research, and pilot line environments. A biased electrode is standard, which can be used to change the film properties.

By keeping our core components the same, it is very easy to scale to a production cluster platform. Standard processes have been developed for various materials. This is backed by over 25 years’ experience in rapid process development.

System Features:
  • PLC and touch screen control
  • Inductively coupled plasma source (ICP)
  • Biased electrode
  • Close coupled precursor delivery (max 8)
  • 50°C to 400°C chuck
  • 4 Precursor entry points
  • 400l/s Maglev turbo
  • Vacuum loadlock
Films Deposited
  • Microwave source (Compared with ICP, a remote microwave plasma produces a lower content of energetic ions, and the flow of radicals generated can produce much lower damage to the substrate.)
  • PECVD processes
  • Cluster tool compatible
  • 600°C Stainless steel electrode

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