Electrostatic Aerosol Neutralizer EAN 581

Electrostatic Aerosol Neutralizer EAN 581

The Bipolar Electrostatic Aerosol Neutraliser EAN 581 from Topas conditions the charge distribution on test dusts as well as other aerosols, like required in ISO 11155-1 and DIN 71460-1. Charge equilibrium can be controlled by mixing positive and negative ions in a precise manner.

The mechanical interaction of particles, especially solid ones, may cause undesirable levels of electrostatic charge. Test dusts must be generated with a high degree of reproducibility for instance when evaluating aerosol separation techniques such as cyclones, filters or impactors. Comparable results can only be obtained at controlled and similar charge levels.

  • Following test procedures and test standards are supported by the control and data acquisition software PAFWin
  • Controllable generation of ions
  • Separate adjustment of both positive and negative ion sources
  • No radioactive source
  • Easy to integrate into existing filter test systems and other test apparatus
  • Effective, controllable aerosol neutralization
  • Neutralisation of charged test dusts produced with dust generators (like Dust Disperser SAG 410)
  • Particle charging in a definite manner
  • Reproducible evalutation of aerosol separation techniques and filtration efficiencies
  • (e.g. part of Filter Test Stand for Cabin Air Filters PAF 111 and ALF 114 - Test Stand for Air Filters acc. to EN 779)
  • Quality assurance
  • Fundamental aerosol research

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