AFC 130/131 - Filter Media - VDI 3926-2

Testing of filter media ... is important for the development and optimization of filter materials as well as for quality assurance during the production process. Of most interest for filter media characterization are:

  • Differential pressure drop.
  • Gravimetric separation efficiency.
  • Particle size dependent filtration efficiency.
  • Dust loading capacity.

For these tasks Topas developed the Filter Media Test System AFC 130/131 which facilitates filter tests in accordance with guideline VDI 3926 exemplary embodiment 2 and ASTM D6830-02, but can also be used for other tests. Dust loading tests and dust capacity tests on basis of the general requirements of EN 779, DIN 71460-1 and ISO/TS 11 155-1 can be performed in small scale.

Due to its compact and lightweight design this test rig can be used in the laboratory. Only single-phase mains power and compressed air are needed to run filter tests. The Windows based Topas control and data acquisition software PAFWin runs on standard PCs.

  • Following test procedures and test standards are supported by the control and data acquisition software PAFWin
  • Differential pressure test
  • Dust loading capacity
  • VDI 3926
  • DIN 71460-1
  • ISO 11 155-1
  • Determination of fractional separation efficiency, dust loading capacity and differential pressure drop of filter media
  • Filter tests for cleanable filter acc. to VDI 3926-II
  • Filter tests based on other standards
  • Air cleaning filters EN 779
  • Cabin air filters ISO 11155-I
  • Development and optimization of filter media
  • Quality assurance measurements

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