PAP 610 - Process Aerosol Photometer

The Process Aerosol Photometer PAP 610 was developed from Topas for measurements of mass concentration in blow-by aerosols, where the concentration is determined in-situ. This measuring instrument is an addition to the Gravimetric Measurement System GMS 141 which is also provided by Topas. The GMS 141 is used for calibrating the PAP 610.

  • High time-resolution transmittance measurement with 2 wavelengths
  • Temperature compensation of electronic assembly
  • Simple cleaning of process windows
  • Heatable measurement chamber (maximum temperature limited by a safety temperature limiter)
  • Seals of FKM/FPM (oil- and temperature-resistant)
  • Windows software PAPWin for calibration, configuration and data acquisition
  • Transmittance measurement of oil aerosol for crank case ventilation in combustion engines
  • Concentration monitoring of aerosol generators on oil mist test stands (SPT 140)
  • In-line monitoring of aerosol separators
  • Monitoring of mean particle size of submicron aerosols

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